Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tony's Post Response!

Tony has a very different style of expressing his feelings and thoughts towards motivation, I thought it is a great way to attract people in and grab their attention and make them want to listen to what he is trying to say, he uses Different types of fonts and cool visuals which is a key factor in making the audience want to stick around! The way Tony Does what he does about Motivation must make the audience want to finally get the confidence and motivation to finally do what they have always dream t  of but have never had the motivation to do so, and also motivating people to try and do new things, you cant tell if you like or dont like something until you've tryed it!
I agree with Tony s Motivational quotes because i play many sports, Soccer, Volleyball, Fencing, Ball hockey and more and it makes me want to play harder than ever when i get motivation from my friends and even my parents, Tony s Motivational quotes on his blog can also help drive the Motivation of my self or other people to want to play harder or work harder in whatever they are trying to do!
If I could change anything on this blog, the only thing i could possibly think of doing is making the Pictures a little less confusing, they seemed to have been a little bit irrelevant and kind of too much like a riddle, you have to figure out what it means instead of having the answer right there on the screen! Other than that Tony's blog is very motivating and would recommend it to anyone in need of motivation!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Motivation post that prompted Tony's Post

Tony's blogging style is very unique and different than most blogging styles which is a good thing. Tony uses different fonts and titles and uses many visuals which is good. The points that Tony is making about motivation are very true. Tony's motivation quotes are very motivational and definitely make people think about what they are doing with themselves. Personally, I like motivational quotes because they give you something to think about and strive for and have a look at yourself and think what are you doing with yourself. Motivational quotes also let people know that they always have a chance to get better and that its happened before and that someone out there i9s working just as hard as them. I think Tony's quotes have all the things a good motivational quote needs.

  I agree with Tony's motivational quotes completely. Since I am a soccer player I would know that motivation is an essential part to success. .If you don't have a reason or some sort of motivation to do what you do you won't be good at doing it. If you don't have the will to do something you won't be even close to as good to someone who has the will to do something. And these quotes motivate you to go out and do something and not let your talents go to waste. The quotes also are very simple and bold which make you need to do very specific. the visuals on the quotes the quotes that extra little motivation to go do something and motivate you. Tony gives examples that relate to his quotes which show that these things are true and can happen and have happened to him. Sometimes people just need to know that it has happened before to believe they can do it too.

  Too improve Tony's post I would make the visuals a bit more creative and related to the quotes. Some of the visuals make the quotes hard to read or understand. I find Tony's blog to be a bit messy and hard to find things. Too improve Tony's blog I would add better photos that relate to the quotes more, I would make the quotes less spread out and more easy to read and I would clean up his blog a bit more so things are easier to find. Overall Tony's blog is great and very inspirational and motivational and I liked it a lot! Good job Tony!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

"The downs and ups of life"

For the moving poetry project I wrote my own poem, and used PowerPoint to animate it. Here is the slideshow.

Poetry That Moves

Here is my Poetry That moves project. I got my poem from the website and the poems author's name is Gab Oso.
The Beautiful Game

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Definition Poem

It can fly,
Can go by you in the blink of an eye,
Many different sizes,
Sometimes comes as a surprise,
Comes in more than one colour,
Some colours are much more duller,
Glides threw the grass,
Has a low mass,
Feel it threw your feet,
To get it you must compete.
What is it?

Monday, 27 May 2013

____ is:

____is eating ice cream on a winters day,
And the howling wind that blows your hat away

___is the feel of snow held in bare hands,
Or the feeling one wants after a burning tan

___is the tip of your nose during a fever,
And the cool  ice pack for your head from the freezer 

___is your bones shivering out of place,
Or the wind rushing by you during a chase

___is when all of a pond turns to ice,
And why the ducks fly away, without thinking twice

___is the chill ice cubes trying to cool your water,
Or the warmth of an animal that is gone after slaughter

___is to drink a slushie on a summer day with ease,
And receiving in turn a stinging brain freeze 

___is the frost on your window chilled into place,
Or the look given to an enemy that's frozen on your face

Definition Poem

A  ----

It can be inviting

Welcoming anyone who knocks

It can be loud

Often when not oiled well

It can be painful

When you get caught between

It can be isolating

When it locks you out from the world

It has locks

To keep unwanted visitors out