Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tony's Post Response!

Tony has a very different style of expressing his feelings and thoughts towards motivation, I thought it is a great way to attract people in and grab their attention and make them want to listen to what he is trying to say, he uses Different types of fonts and cool visuals which is a key factor in making the audience want to stick around! The way Tony Does what he does about Motivation must make the audience want to finally get the confidence and motivation to finally do what they have always dream t  of but have never had the motivation to do so, and also motivating people to try and do new things, you cant tell if you like or dont like something until you've tryed it!
I agree with Tony s Motivational quotes because i play many sports, Soccer, Volleyball, Fencing, Ball hockey and more and it makes me want to play harder than ever when i get motivation from my friends and even my parents, Tony s Motivational quotes on his blog can also help drive the Motivation of my self or other people to want to play harder or work harder in whatever they are trying to do!
If I could change anything on this blog, the only thing i could possibly think of doing is making the Pictures a little less confusing, they seemed to have been a little bit irrelevant and kind of too much like a riddle, you have to figure out what it means instead of having the answer right there on the screen! Other than that Tony's blog is very motivating and would recommend it to anyone in need of motivation!

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  1. Hi Richard,

    BTW - I love the name of your blog...very cool name ;-)

    So, you like the like the images I use and you give me some constructive feedback! GR8 stuff ;-) Yes, I know some of the things can be a bit's always like that when you "pour" yourself into a blog. Now, you like told me! If you looked at a few of my posts (even in this short mini-series)...and "hit" a few more of the "red links", things might be clearer...these links take you to places that might show you more about what I "like" and where some of my "references" come from. Have a go (esp. in the first post on motivation):

    LEARNer Motivation …the best kept SECRET… “EVER”!

    How to MOTIVATE your LEARNers…finally the “Magic Bullet” (from heaven)!

    I think this is important...a blog post is not just a blog post. What do I mean? Well, a series of blog posts is also a "relationship" might have noticed how I like to "talk to" people in my posts (and many of them respond to things people say to me). Does this make sense?

    So, my question would be: Does my use of visuals and images help build that relationship?

    Let me know where the blog is ;-)

    Take care,